level up your morning routine with GloPotion

level up your morning routine with GloPotion

if you're all about that skin care game, then you're in for a treat. we're here to spill the beans on GloPotions' awesome morning routine that'll have your skin looking fresh and fabulous. get ready to meet your new skin care bffs: the oat cleansing gel, niacinamide 10% + rice water serum, hydrating complex 5% + hyaluronic acid moisturiser, and hyaluronic acid gel under eye patches. let's dive in and discover how these magical potions can give you the glowing skin you've always dreamed of.

1. oat cleansing gel: gentle goodness for a clean slate

starting off your day with GloPotions' oat cleansing gel is like giving your skin a warm, gentle hug. containing oats that removes dirt and excess oil, without being too harsh making it suitable for sensitive skin. it is also vegan friendly and contains 93% natural ingredients

2. niacinamide 10% + rice water serum: the jack-of-all-trades

next up, let's talk about GloPotion’ niacinamide 10% + rice water serum. this little superhero does it all. it's like a magic potion that helps with oily skin, minimizes pores, and evens out your skin tone. not only that, but it also fights off free radicals and protects skin from environmental pollutants.

3. hydrating complex 5% + hyaluronic acid moisturiser: your skin's bestie

hydration is key, babes! GloPotion’s hydrating complex 5% + hyaluronic acid moisturiser is your secret weapon to keeping your skin plump and hydrated. packed with hyaluronic acid and other good-for-you ingredients, this moisturiser works its magic to give your skin that healthy, dewy glow. it's lightweight and perfect for everyday use and all skin types

4. hyaluronic acid gel under-eye patches: bye-bye tired eyes

late-night netflix binges got you looking like a raccoon? GloPotion has got your back with their hyaluronic gel under-eye patches. these babies are like a mini spa treatment for your tired eyes. just pop them on, and let the hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts work their magic. say adios to puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines.

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